not so innocent


hey all you 90's kids!!!
do you remember
'Animals Of Farthing Wood'?
I couldnt wait to come home from school and watch this on the ABC channel
It's a pretty intense show, i remember
most of the animal characters dying in not so nice ways,
kind of like
Watership Down....
Click here for a complete list w/ pictures
of the animals deaths to refresh your memories


joy said...

I could handle Farthing would but I couldn't handle Watership Don as a kid. It was so dark, no?
Even watching a year ago it startled me. The same with Animal Farm.

Electromanic said...

Animals of Fathingwood was sooo good. My friend found the ABC page that lists every single show that ABC kids has ever aired. Best memories. Kids shows just aren't the same anymore, they barely speak english.
I also love your blog and your photography. So glad i stumbled across this!

Anonymous said...

fipe!! you complete me! i've been trying to remember the name of this show for years!!! I love you!!

Fipe said...

i know! it popped up when i was trying to find clips of enid blyton's 'the faraway tree'

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