Making The Nature Scene




In nature reality is selection
the tool of critical intervention
Fragmentation is the rule
There is no resistance to
the signs along the way
standing all in columns
waiting to make their pay
making the nature scene
-old photos by me


Anonymous said...

lovely pict
thank u

Faridah said...

I really love the blog! These pictures are my favourite, especially with those sparkly tights. x

Big Daddy said...

That last picture, the leggings, the shoes, the hair! Love it!

nicola ticola said...

these photos are so beautiful, really really love 'em

nicola xx

Posh said...

Great looks, lovely! <3

Eliza said...

I love these Fipe. Especially the one of Tess standing on the table with the puppet.
How is the weather up there??
Looking forward to seeing you soon xxxx

mufti said...

amazing fipe! kit is having an exhibition tomorrow night from 6:30pm just opposite NAS. you should come by if you can xxx

Wends said...

so cool!
you look like a doll in the first one

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