It's that time again guys
selling most of my wardrobe on ebay:
shakuhachi, stolen girlfriends club, bec and bridge
a whole lotta vintage, shoes and miscellaneous 
get buying people here!!!


Deni said...

I totally love this photos...bambi<3
great post!


le pearl said...
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pinja said...

oh those clothes are wonderful!

cole said...

I love the outfits, they are gorgeous!
XOXO Nicole, VPV Team Member
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Kymare said...

oh i really love the outfitsss!

Coralie said...

No nice looks !

You have a nice blog :)

If you like french fashion, you should visit mine, and maybe follow if you like it (means the world to me !) :)


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guns, babes and lemonade said...

Come back guys! Me and the whole bloggisphere most likely miss you!

Constance said...

I'm so in love with the first shirt!!


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