Lina Scheynius x AnOther 13





Lina Scheynius by Lina Scheynius for AnOther's first fragrance: AnOther 13

We didn't want to make a traditional perfume image, but something more real and raw. I have done loads of self-portraits in the past –
it's very much part of my work and how I started out. AnOther asked if I would be interested in doing a self-portrait for the scent
and I loved that idea. So I found a nice five star hotel, checked in there on my own with only my cameras and a load of film
and a couple of Chloé outfits, and spent the evening playing around. I shot the images on Polaroid film. I love how it is instant
so that I at least have some idea of where I am heading when I can't look through the lens
and I love the vintage feeling of them.

I used some of the last boxes of Polaroid I managed to find. It's getting almost impossible getting a hold of them these days.
When I work it is almost always spontaneous, and that's how I love to keep it. I don't spend a lot of time planning or thinking about why or how,
I just find something that attracts my eye and then I play around with it. I usually have an idea of where to start, but not where to finish.
I love it most when I manage to surprise myself. I don't like to tell the viewer what they should see in the images either.
I think one of the beautiful things about photography is that every viewer can find their own story in the picture.”


angi said...

i love this philosophy arroomma x

Emma said...

This is lovely!

<3 /Emma

Emily and Abigail said...

lusting that first shot! Great blog!! Glad I stumbled upon it. Come check out our giveaway for a free year subscription to Elle Magazine on WanderLust.

guusvanvugt said...

really like your blog! x

liana said...

i love liya.
everything she does is lovely.

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