Margaret Durow

Going up to byron on sunday for uni holidays
photos like these by Margaret Durow always
remind me of my home away from home
anybody going to bluesfest up there???

Photos: Margaret Durow


Jes said...

Breathtaking photography x

Hayley said...

i can't explain how much i love these photos... thanks for sharing!!

Lissa said...

Yessss, Durow is genius :]

Aroha said...

Omg I was going to post some of these too! I swear sometimes we are so in sync it's crazy xxxx


I love every single one of these photos!

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

I absolutely LOVE all of these photos, especially the one of the girl floating in the water. Beautiful!

LoliTa said...

woah i LOVE these! they are all so intense!

liana said...

ahhh, i practically live on her flickr.

ahh, i was too broke for blues this year :( i was going to volunteer but forgot ah.

did you go?

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