Garden Of Earthly Delights

When i saw this dress from AlexanderMcQueen's collection
i thought the print was quite familiar
and then i realised it was Bosch's 'Hell' ( from the 'Garden Of Earthly Delights')

'creating a look that is at once medieval, regal and transcendent.'

Photo 1: taken from Tobacco&Leather
Photo 2: Detail from Bosch's 'Hell'


MEL▲NIE said...

i miss him :( but yeah this collection was boss

welcometoviolence said...

i love your blog!

LoliTa said...

it reminds me of that classic vivienne westwood corset with the classical print. love it!

CC said...

best of the best -> in my heart - forever.


Fashionstyle said...

Beautiful inspiration!!

Anonymous said...


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