After The End Of The World

'Do you know what i dreamt?' asked Pablo.
'Tell me.'
'I dreamt I was a feather.'
'And what did you do when you were a feather?'
'Nothing. I slept.'

-The Age Of Reason
Jean-Paul Sartre

I fell in love with this flickr photostream by Ingila
so many beautiful photographs and drawings


Karla said...

I love le blog!
I too can't wait for winter dressing... And winter!
For some strangeeee reason I love getting home from
work in the dark, having a hot shower when it's freezing
out side and sitting on the couch snug as a bug
with a hot choccie....
Oh, and the winter clothes are nice too :)

Dylana said...

Beautiful images!
Just came across your blog!

It is lovely!

21Lines said...

Beautiful Pictures!!! Realy Nice Post!!

Ara said...

You have such an artistic blog, thank you for sharing.

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