gotta love these crazy prints done by Bruegel from the 16thC
the creatures are so weird and if you really
look at them long enough you can see the strangest things
like in the first one, just above the hole in the ground
theres a frog conversing with a cat
and next to that, theres some sort of human/turtle thing

also the photos of my sister were taken a
few weeks ago up here in byron
so jealous of her hair & skateboard

photos by me
prints: Pieter Bruegel the Elder


Rianna Bethany said...

when you take a second long look at the paintings they are crazy! So many little strange characters and creatures!!!
Rianna Bethany xxxxxx

joy said...

cute girl skate boards in gauzy dress then worships the devil.

Kick ass skateboard.


Ola. said...

hey! thankyou for the comment left on my blog :)
wonderful compilation you have here yourself!

Aroha said...

So pretty !

Wends said...

he's one of my favorites! my photography tutor (who i had a massive crush on) raved on and on about him, so grateful :D

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