A Fair Witch Project

Love the first & last image by fairytale illustrator Kay Nielsen
He worked for Walt Disney & his work is featured in
Fantasia (one of my favourites)
& The Little Mermaid
Also thought these photos on Johnnysbird were

photos: johnnysbird
prints: Kay Nielsen


liana said...

WOW! that first image is fantastic!
you introduce me to the nicest stuff, i owe you girls for providing me with so much inspiration!

Suzanne said...

Fantasia really is amazing! I didn't know that he worked on that too! Amazing

Aroha said...

I still need to watch Fantasia... lets have a movie day when your back x

Fipe said...

yes movie day aroha!!! will msg you xxxx

shona said...

aww thats my friend poli!

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