wild at heart

hopefully in the near-future
i'll be able to afford a road trip
through the mid-west of usa
stay in seedy motels, talk on old school telephones and eat mnm's

photography: Christophe Kutner
model: Rila Fukushima ( what an awesome name)


Faridah said...

A girl can dream, right? This is freakin' rad.

ellevictoire said...

this is amazing. the coloring and everything is fab fab fab!

Sarah said...

Incredible photos!! She looks amazing!
and now I want M&Ms...


Anonymous said...

Lovely photos. She is so beautiful.

Love your blog!
I'm following you! Follow me, too?

Anonymous said...

good photos, love the face of the model, freaky! the sunglasses are great!

Call Me Cat said...

yeah it was the August 2008 issue and the editorial was called SWEATER GIRL :)

August 2008 issue - Harper's Bazaar

Cat! x

Anonymous said...

i totally love asian girls with blond hair.

jessica said...

ohh damn its awesome, i want that too.
such a perfect spread.

kyra zoe said...

i'm so much into asian girls with blonde hair

and i really really want to go on a road trip
trough usa trough england trough france trough the whole world

Anonymous said...

shoots in motel rooms are always the best!

cute blog! xxx

Antix said...

She's got a killer face!

By the way you can come visit me next year Fipe! I'm sure at one point i'll be galavanting around the mid-west. Super keen for the rodeo too x

tobaccoandleather said...

wow, i've just been on his website and his photography is amazing!

thank you for posting this

ive just posted some of his work with credit to you ofcourse, love this blog!


mufti said...

woaaah so similar to the spread in the latest issue of Russh with Daul Kim... oh yeah and i also dream of hiring a beat up car and driving from the west coast to NYC aaaah!

Fipe said...

haha i know i thought instead of posting daul kim id post this little beauty!

also chanelle i really wanna come hang in miami with you! saving starts NOW!

Aroha said...

Absolutely love this, Fipe can we convince Mink to dye her hair blonde

Fipe said...

i know! mink would look so good, i think ive tried to convince her to be blonde before but didnt work out lol

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