My Parents Were Awesome


love this site!! makes me want to rummage through
my mum's old photoalbums and see if i can find any incriminating photos ( i know
theres one photo where she's flaunting a horrendous perm back in the 80s,
lets just hope its the only one).
what i really want to see though, are old photos of
aroha's mum, apparently she was a brigitte bardot lookalike, hangin' out with
all the old aussie rockers, ac/dc, the angels etc so so cool

source: my parents were awesome!

& the last photo is of my mum and grandma, so cute


KATLIN said...

they should do a site "my parents are still awesome!" and have really awesomely bad photos :)

tobaccoandleather said...

i love old pictures like these, im so glad you shared that site

i have an amazing photo of my mum when she was 12, she had the gangliest skinny legs and the shortest pink mini dress! oh and long beautiful hippy hair


Fipe said...

woww sounds so cool, i have to say the 70s were a good stage for many people fashion wise!!

Faridah said...

What a freakin' cool site! Thanks for sharing. I'm going to be browsing rad photos of this past all night now.

F* The O'Day said...

Love your pics, you've got some great pictures

Laure *

Annabelle (408) said...

haha amazing, should've seen my parents, both with huge hair and same flared pants.. oh dear, but so cool at the same tim.

thanks sweet! xx

Luna Supernova said...

oh wow, I had never even heard of this site! I have so many amazing photos to upload ha.

Gladys Lopez said...

that's a really cool site! i love the vintage feel of the photos. :D

Amela<3 said...

I love old pictures too! It has something really vintage and special.

With love,

Lauren Goddard said...

haha. SO good! My parents are STILL awesome. And yes, the perm was my mums choice of weapon.

x x x

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