It's like...hazy days

That one's called Sidley and that's Mischa.
Isn't Mischa just so pretty. Look at Sidley, sliming all over her.
Disgusting, isn't he?

Pandora: Are they doing it?

Cassie: Yes, they are doing it. When I'm ready,
I'll pour salt on them.
When I'm good and ready.


Tony: How's the treatment going Cassie?

Cassie: Oh, it's cool. I wear a white dress and now
I can eat yoghurt, cup a soup and hazelnuts now.
If I'm not sick, they let me play with the cats.
Yeah, it's like... hazy days, you know?
img 3: Max Ernst
img 6: Eugene Carriere
img 7: William Blake


Dreamy said...


Aroha said...

i love that first image of cassie

Ashley said...

Beautiful, haunting images.

ace said...

cassie is so attractive.
nice screen caps

Luca said...

damn, cassie is magical! :) i love skins.

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Walk The Sand said...

Love this post.


Faridah said...

I love Cassie! These are awesome stills.

tobaccoandleather said...

"if i'm not sick, they let me play with the cats." haha, i don't mean to undermine the severity of the subject, but that is kind of funny


a. said...

aww, i totally dig her.

fuschiaaa said...

Cassie yes.

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