Stars & Sons

shopping around for tattoo ideas and came across these
i love them but they're a bit too big for me to get
so the search continues!

source: Kowei-net


Anonymous said...

i totally admit. they are too big.

joy said...

it would look cool in Sharpe or a smaller constellation on the wrist? I don't know.

mufti said...

I am super fussy about tattoos but these are cool!

ACE said...

i'm also pretty fussy with tattoos, but these here look really nice, i've never thought of a constellation tattoo.
ps Aroha - thankyouuu for your help with the eco-friendly fashion ideas, it saved meee x

Aroha said...

haha i just imagined you with a full back tattoo... or a sleeve

Fipe said...

hahaha that would look sooo bad on me

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