Ready Set Glow




a few photos i took up in byron
you can find more on my flickr


Anonymous said...

now i want purple hair!

KAELA said...

Looooving the coloured hair!
... and that kitty is so precious.

Saray said...

fantastic blog!!!

Anthem said...

Awesome awesome awesome


Tiff said...

You guys have rad hair, I wish I was in Byron, must stop checking flight centre for cheap flights EVERY SINGLE DAY

x x

ACE said...

haha i love your hair.
these photos are heaps good, what camera do you guys have? a dls? i'm in the market for one but still a bit indecisive about which one to get
ps hope you had fun in melbourne aroha

Faridah said...

Fantastic snaps! That coloured hair is so perfect for the feel of the photos. And that kitty has me gushing.

Fipe said...

ace- the camera i use is a canon 1000dslr! its a great camera, and its quite light so its easy to take it out and about

a. said...

great hair you have an grreat photos you took.

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