The Monster Mash!

"Mr. Darcy watched Elizabeth and her sisters work their
way outward, beheading zombie after zombie as they went."

i need to know,
are these monster/classic mashups by s. grahame smith worth reading?
ive considered buying them but since ive read the originals
im not sure whether i can be bothered???
i dont want to have to read the whole mr darcy/elizabeth drama again with
maybe a few sentences which include zombie killings.

something else which is totally weird/could be cool
is the movie 'Pride & Predator' coming out round
this time next yr with
elton john's rocket pictures filming the movie
im thinking there should be a fight scene between predator and mr darcy with
elton john's 'im still standing' playing in the background

also coming out this time next yr is another
classic/monster mash, 'wuthering bites' by sarah gray
where the moody heathcliff is transformed into a vampire,
personally i think it would have been cooler if he was a werewolf
or if catherine was some crazy bitch ghost
but with all these classic/monster remakes, itll probably happen anyway


MELINA said...

pride & predator :)))) great!

joy said...

i have heard of the books but didn't know they were making adaptations.

Aroha said...

rory wants these books, he found them on haha

ray said...

pride prejudice and zombies was AWESOME

really great weaving of classicism and gore ;]

def give them a read

ray said...

that hot mini is from here:


Fipe said...

haha thinkgeek hes such a nerd, tell rory to get them and ill borrow them off him !

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