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Lonely Hearts SS 2010

"Ever sucked face with a zombie chick?

Gothic inspired Victorian Lace, nightgown floral, Flesh toned fabric washes, and a light as a ghost palette are the backbone of the collection. Over stained paisley, half drowned polka dots, bleeding dye washes and splatters of yellow add punch to the muted and delicate colour story.

Garments are sliced, backs and waists are cut open, and sleeves are slashed in thoughtful areas to create a dismembered look. Chunky zips, web trims, laddered seams and Brassier detailing uplift each garments spirits"



MELINA said...

great! i especially like the lace pants.

Fipe said...

oh my god amazing
this is great for halloween inspiration!!!

catherine pri said...


Faridah said...

So perfect! The collection I've been waiting for. x

Lena Svanold said...

thanx for the comment on my blog! who are you? are you a model, is it you on every picture and were you from?! Many questions:D hehe

like your blog and the pictures.

morbid bear said...

awesome blog !! love those photos

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