le daylight

I found this video by fenk and it is so wonderful
also these images by sam williams
remind me of planets in our solar system
the first reminds me of jupiter and the 3rd of mars
sucks that humans dont live in either
(wish we could, somehow? then we can all be a little more spread out)
here's the link for fenk's: flickr
& sam williams: site


Faridah said...

What a beautiful video!

Ania said...


Raez said...

this video was amazing! feel liek it should be a short film at cannes or something;) the pictures are also very sweet, thanks for posting!

xx raez


I know hey, she's way better quality than Gaga!

I don't think we've met but I've definitely heard your name arise in conversation before! I'm good friends with Daniel and Bianca, who are friends with Alegria, which is probably how.

Loving your blog and loving this post. We definitely need more planets, the world is far too small.

LHFC said...

love this post! the video is unreal. so pretty

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

Truly stunning.

cody said...

so amazing.

xx cody

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