Warp Warp!



For a few months now
i've been interested in distorting grids within a space
and basic geometric shapes and line
the first and last image are different views of a sculpture
i've made using perspex for the triangular shapes
and wire & plaster for the warped grids

all images found on flickr
except image 3 which is painting
by Malevich
'Suprematism with Eight Rectangles' 1915


a. said...

geometric art can be pretty interesting.

Aroha said...

oh wow i cant wait to see more of your work xxx

Wends said...

i must say, you girls are a huge rich dose of vitamin I(npiration)...hehe lame yes, just had to

thank you girls for linking me


tobaccoandleather said...

that's so interesting! just as i was leaving uni last year i wanted to sculpt material around wire grids like the last image, making huge shoulder pads inspired by animal horns and what not, i think i may pick this idea back up when i start this year!


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