I'm In An Awful Pickle! I'm King!

ph. 1 Aquirax Uno 'Chanson 1968'
ph. 2+3+4 by me
ph. 5 Nestor Redondo 'Merlin' Comic artist

Merlin: Now, Don't you get any foolish ideas that magic
will solve all your problems, because it wont.
Arthur: But sir, I don't have any problems.
Merlin: Oh, bah! Everyone has problems. The world is full of problems.
[gets his beard caught in the door]
Merlin: Ooh! Oh, blast it all! There now! You see what I mean?

- The Sword In The Stone
one of my favourite cartoon movies
when i was growing up


Aroha said...

i love every photo you take

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

These illustrations are beautiful, and so are your photographs!


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