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Two of my favourite books are being converted into movies, again.
First is Dorian Gray, coming out in september and starring Ben Barnes
( remember him as Prince Caspian?)
Judging by the trailer, they've already made quite a few changes,
and scrolling through all the forums not many people are happy with it.
A few include Dorian's appearance,
(he's meant to be blonde & blue eyed)
and the invention of a new character Emily Wotton,
who is a main love interest? totally weird
Also the trailer just seems a little cheesy,
i don't know whether its the music or colin firth, but it just doesnt look too appealing
Anyway im hoping that the movie will be good,
its always a shame when you read an amazing book,
then watch the movie and its so bad that it leaves a horrible memory burn

Second book to film which im really really
looking forward to is Brave New World
Ridley Scott is set to direct which is awesome
considering he has directed other major sci-fi movies
(bladerunner/alien) and Leonardo DiCaprio is set to star
Rumours were circulating around last year
that DiCaprio wanted to play John The Savage,
which i thought didnt really suit
since the character is a young guy and leo not to be mean
but he isnt exactly that young anymore.
Although now, apparently he will be playing a different character, Bernard.
Anyway can't wait to see what happens
when this movie finally gets a move on to be made,
which wont be until Scott's finished with Robin Hood

also, to this day i still think that leo is the only guy
who was able to pull off the mushroom haircut,
but that could just be me?


cody said...

the last pic with leo di caprio looks so amazing!!


Wends said...

oh my they are two of my all time favourite books!
prince caspian...sooo fitting :D

have you heard about tim burton doing 1984, im a bit sad about that because it might be too quirky for such a serious and disturbing plot. however, you never know how he might do it.

KATLIN said...

omg what? this is exciting news!! sad about the dorian gray thing, for american movies, they always have to throw in some kinda turmoil/conflict/love story for the mainstream audience to like it more. boo.

Fipe said...

wends, still havent read 1984 yet!! i really really want to ( i love dystopian stories ), and i always like to watch movies after ive finished a book so i will have to watch the earlier version, but yeah i can imagine that tim burton could easily ruin the movie with his specific style of filming
also katlin yeah pretty annoyed about the whole invention of another character but who knows it may work, but i doubt it lol

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